The Philippines is now open to tourism

Announced at the end of January, as a result of the rapid decline of the Omicron variant. The Philippines has made the decision to reopen to travelers from more than 150 countries, starting February 10, 2022. However, there are a few rules to keep in mind.

Who can join the Philippines?

As of today, vaccinated citizens from 157 countries are allowed to land in the Philippines. Most of the countries are represented (Europe, United States, Australia, Brazil).

Authorized countries as of February 10, 2022.

You must also be fully vaccinated for more than 15 days, children under 12 are exempt and must be accompanied by their vaccinated parents. Certain unvaccinated people with special visas (working visa and others) as well as all Filipino citizens are also authorized to enter the territory, but will have to respect certain stricter rules, such as quarantines in approved hotels and exit RT-PCR tests.

What documents are needed to enter the Philippines?

  1. Proof of full vaccination (you must have received the second dose of a 2-dose series or a single dose vaccine more than 14 days before the date and time of departure from the country of origin). The Bureau of Immigration has to date reviewed evidence of vaccinations from the above 157 countries in order to recognize their legal status.
  2. A negative RT-PCR test performed less than 48 hours before departure from the point of origin.
  3. Three days before your arrival, you must also register on the site, a pass with QRcode will then be issued to you, you will be asked for it before boarding as well as on your arrival.
  4. A passport valid for at least 6 months at the time of entry into the country.
  5. Proof of travel insurance for Covid treatment, minimum coverage USD 35,000. Check with your bank, some credit cards include it.
  6. A return ticket (or to the next foreign destination) dated no later than thirty days after your date of arrival in the Philippines.

You will then be issued a free tourist visa valid for 30 days. It is nevertheless authorized to stay longer in the Philippines, you will then have to renew your visa at a branch of the Bureau of Immigration, for a maximum period of 3 years. (And therefore to postpone the date of the continuation ticket).

Where can you travel in the Philippines?

The virus is decreasing rapidly, all the islands are open, some still require antigenic tests or RT-PCR, but the trend is easing. It is however necessary in most places to stay in legal and approuved accommodation by the Department of Tourism (most of the hotels and Stay In are accredited, except individuals on Airbnb).

The Coco Resort and the Moringa Resort are of course part of it.

What has been the impact of Covid on the Philippines?

Having lived only from local tourism for 2 years, most tourist sites have preserved, or even restored, their beauty. This is the ideal time to appreciate the splendor of the Filipino landscapes and the smiles of these locals. Several regions of the Philippines were badly affected by Typhoon Odette, but restoration work is moving quickly. The whole region of El Nido was fortunate to suffer very little damage and therefore to preserve all its beauty.

All you have to do now is buy your plane tickets, the prices have already dropped significantly. We will be delighted to welcome you to our hotels in El Nido, on the island of Palawan (ranked the most beautiful island in the world).



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