How to best prepare for your trip to El Nido

We are all aware that you can’t wait to come here and discover El Nido, its white sand beaches, secret lagoons, clear turquoise water and hidden treasures. But before you rush in, let us give you some details on how to best prepare for your trip to El Nido!

Best season to come

The local climate is hot, humid and tropical. The average annual temperature is about 27°C. Usually, in the Philippines there is three seasons:

  • tag-init or tag-araw: the hot & dry season, or summer, from March to May.
  • tag-ulan: the rainy season, from June (or July) to October-November.
  • tag-lamig : the cold & dry season (min 24°C at night), from December to February.

The best season to come to El Nido is the coolest and driest period, between December and February. During this period, temperatures are the lowest – they remain relatively high, averaging 30°C. The months of March, April and May are still usually dry, but much warmer – an average of 33°C at the day. Regarding the rainy season, rain usually pours twice a day, for 1 to 2 hours. Therefore, it’s still much possible to enjoy a trip to  El Nido during this season!

Prepare your trip to El Nido: which travel equipment to take

We understand that everybody travels differently, according to each one needs. But as “forewarned is forearmed”, here are some items we strongly suggest you to take in your luggage:

  • Light clothes, swimsuit, beach towel
  • Lighweight rain jacket, depend on the season
  • Hiking/water shoes 
  • Hydro flask (one single-use plastic bottles are prohibited on islands)
  • Waterproof dry bag and phone cover
  • Multimedia equipment: camera, drone, sports cam, selfie stick…
  • Worldwide power adptor (US standard plugs, but most hotels offer universal plugs)
  • Sunscreen (environment friendly, to not damage reefs)

In case you forget something, you might found some items in our Boutique or in town. Don’t hesitate to reach out to our staff to help you get what you are missing!

Extra practical information

Last but not least, here are some extra practical information about your trip in El Nido:

  • Time difference: + 8 hours GMT
  • Power: 220V or 120V (in very rare case)
  • Country code: 00 + 63

Some helpful local sentences:

– Good morning / Good afternoon. Magandang umaga / Magandang apon
– How are you? Kamusta ka?
– I’m good, thank you. Mabuti, salamat.
– Do you speak English? Nagsasalita ka ba ng (pronounced “nang”) Ingles
– I don’t understand Indi ko maintindihan (pronounced “ma-een-teen-dee-han”)
– How much? Magkano?
– I’d like to buy some. Bibili ako.
– Yes.  Oo.
– No.  Hindi.
– Ok. Sige.
– Excuse me. Pasensya.
– Where? Saan?
– When? Kailan?
– Let’s drink! Inom tayo!
– Delicious! Masarap!
– See you! Kita-kits!

Don’t forget to add “PO” to your sentences to show some respect!

Book your accomodation

If you didn’t already have a look at our resorts, it’s the right time to check our different types of accommodation, prices and availability:

And don’t miss the opportunity to get free cocktails or massages (subject to availability) if you book directly through our website!

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