Moringa Resort, partner of El Nido’s spaying event

Yesterday, on Sunday 20th September 2020, a spaying event to neuter stray dogs and cats of El Nido was held – founded and organized by the Palawan Animal Welfare Foundation. An event to which Moringa Resort wanted to be associated with, by providing two rooms for the veterinarians coming from Puerto Princesa City, and equipment (chairs) for volunteers and pet owners.

The importance of such spaying event

El Nido’s spaying event is very important for the community for many reasons:

  • Stop the uncontrolled reproduction of stray dogs and cats, in order to limit their populations and the harmful consequences linked to their proliferation, such as animal suffering, malnutrition, fights between animals, physical aggression, road accidents involving a stray animal, etc…
  • It tends to limit the transmission of sexual diseases between animals, such as Canine Transmissible Venereal Tumor (CTVT)
  • Animals are vaccinated against rabies
  • It helps to sensitize locals to problems related to the overpopulation of stray animals

By supporting the spaying event on September 20th, Moringa Resort team is committed to provide to all the well-being they deserve: first and foremost well-beings of animals and local residents, but also well-being of its clients – by guaranteeing them a safer environment.

A successful day

During this day, two veterinarians assisted by their assistant and 12 volunteers have worked hard to sterilize and tattoo 109 animals (plus 6 more animals have been vaccinated)! The spaying event proved to be a great success, and its organization members would like to warmly thank all the contributors for their involvement:

THE FREE STERILIZATION EVENT HAS BEEN A BIG SUCCESS ! Our amazing vets sterilized 109 dogs and cats ! Thanks to all the responsible pet owners who brought their animals to got spayed and vaccinated, and thank you for the donations

El Nido Animal Welfare (original post here)
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The Moringa Resort team would like to thank all the people involved for the success of this spaying event, and is ready to partner again in the future for the sterilization of El Nido stray animals!

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